Artist Statement

My work deals with ephemerality and memory. I create a series that reinvent moments in time dealing with nostalgia and how we as a culture try to recreate moments and relive past experiences to extend the life of our singular experiences, of which we do not want to let go. Most of my ideas stem from single drawings that become prints, which then turn into sculptures, photographs, and or installations. Each series usually culminates into a show, exhibition, or event; I like the idea of the art becoming a moment, which will only be visible to experience in person for short periods. Part of the show or event is left as an artifact of what has conspired, the artwork itself, individually is not my concern but the event of all the works together in one space, for one moment in time is part of the work itself. I believe that working with communities and the public and that when you invite people to participate in your art, be it making, interacting with the pieces, or taking parts of the work home with them, you create a relationship with your audience, extending the art beyond the object itself and into an experience that they can remember and take with them physically and emotionally. 

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