Resin casting larger scale 

So this is my progress so far, got the mixture right on the second one in a lager scale. Found that a 1 to 25 ratio on the hardner to the resin works great and the 2.5 to 25 caused way to much heat causing fractures, but overall super happy with results and have started on my second mold to move along this project. I sanded them down and sprayed a clear coat on them for the finish 

3D Resin casting 

Been working on mold making and casting polyurethane resin, and suspending comic book pages in them, had a few set backs but on a small scale here is my findings so far up next is my full scale trial 

Newish works

playing with digital and screen printing this is what I came up with 


Poly plate print

My first poly plate lets see how it goes.


latest experiment

toner transfer with wash using biosolute, heat, and etched with tanic plate etch.

toner transfer with wash using biosolute, heat, and etched with tanic plate etch.

here is the most recent print i have from my toner experiments, it looks like the detail is much better than froim my previous prints. all the washes came out and even the thicker parts have a layered texture which embossed the paper and also came out on top of the paper giving it an awesome depth and density.

toner litho transfer

been working on putting this technique to use recently and am really enjoying the results. It started with reuse of old plates to reduce cost for students, and has come full circle to using pronto plates to teach students the basic in lithography, and get good results. these are some of my experiments.

litho art alum plate

litho art alum plate

IMG_0670 IMG_0587 IMG_0693 IMG_0675

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