Critical ClassRooms

Critical Classrooms: Questioning Narratives: Exploring communities, complacency, and challenging the colonial mindset.

Reaching out to community members working within their community to help them arouse questions of capitalism, greed, and institutional indoctrination. Working through the various media of printmaking I’ve contacted educators and workshopped ideas for classroom posters as prints.

I am a firm believer that complacency in our society divides us in very apparent ways and the ideas and structures that educated us as children have left us to choose the narrative that suits a singular person best and not that of a community and or a larger group of people. Not enough people are mad about being lied to about being taught the history of a country that hid and left out many atrocious events that would detour the narratives away from a capitalist society based on the oppression of people of color and put white supremacy at the forefront of the societal norm, one that has become the narrative that’s easiest to follow, and for the majority, the one of least resistance, making them complacent in a society that serves one group over all others.


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