These works were a conversation that’d had started after my great uncle had passed away. A Monsignor for The Church of Stockton for over 30 years and the patriarch of my family, he had always instilled faith in me and my brothers but not necessarily religion as a way of life. Walking into the church where they gave his Eulogy, seeing the colors of the stained glassed windows, the mantels, the pews, the shrines, paintings, and other religious Paraphernalia, reminded me of the way our culture identifies with popular cultures, such as superheroes, Disney, and horror movies that we decorate our homes with. This event is almost a reminisce of what used to be religion in the home is now that of an idolization of popular culture.

These works celebrate this commentary and invited the participants to interact with my work as shrines to popular culture literature and religious iconography as one religion and celebrate our popular culture as Religion.