Interactive performance and installation, Holographic video projection, Plexi, 3D printed furniture, wood, cloth, and digital prints.

A collaboration between three artists that met at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, in Snowmass Village Colorado, Andrew Cain, Mackey Howe, and Matt Bruhn. And this is our story.

Much like a tumor, in a mass of people three friendships have accumulated, formed from abnormal situations, and brought together in a single place. Even though these connections were not necessary, and are in fact uncommon among interns of different disciplines, it has grown. In fact, as time goes on it accumulates more cells creating more lasting relationships between others that are accumulated to the mass, this cycle has started for us here at the ranch, and we refer to this process as the skin tag. This installation at Booth Projects a gallery and project space located at Anderson Ranch represents the comfortability this event has ignited between us.

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